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beauty and the beach.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

ahh.. sweet girlies at the beach last weekend. first up is mary kate and dylan. precious chubbyfoot regulars that never fail to dissappoint with their insane cuteness! mary kate in her beach finery... and the 2 hamming it up for me and miss dylan - a natural at the beach. next up is a little pixie that I love seeing every time.. miss katilyn. She flits and floats like a sweet butterfly and I'm always pleasantly entertained. I met izzy for the first time last week and she was an absolute doll. I mean, look at that grin! mom and dad snuck in a few as well.. and a final favorite of the day lastly, the sweet fox sisters that I had the privilage of hanging out with - big sis was a natural as was little miss priss and I heart this one of their parents thanks for looking and check back for a few more beach pics before I head out of town! Post a Comment Share with Friends

BEACH BUMS JUNE 25, 2008 this weekend we're taking the kids to Mexico for a week. SWEET! It will be a nice break from work, packing, swim team, etc.. until I leave, I thought I'd share some favorite Galveston pics for you to see how much fun we all had. Also, I'll be taking a few appts in Galveston again JULY 10th and 11th in the early evening. ($400 for 30 minute session) - email quickly for openings! so first up is the stevenson grandkids, which you should recognize by now! The kids are getting older and it's getting a bit easier =) To be clear, they've always been gorgeous, but you should see all of our clown antics to get this crew to smile! keeping with the theme of the large groups, here's the hanks clan, another chubbyfoot regular. they added the grandparents for this shoot, so that was an added bonus! I loved shooting under the piers for an added textural element. I think a few moms were unsure, but in the end they loved them - this was the first time I met the madsens, and they brought out the whole crew! Of course, we spent quite a bit of "film" on the newest members =) the newlyweds...doing what they do best! and one final favorite ok - many more to come! thanks for looking

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