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Beauty & the Beast Jr {CYT Houston}

For the last 2 months, my kids have been practicing for CYT Houston's production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. My son was cast as Cogsworth and my daughter, a silly girl (the ones that fawn over Gaston). PERFECT parts for them. They have LOVED being a part of the cast and we have fallen in love with the CYT family. It's hard work for sure (did I mention yet that I was co-chair of costumes? All 200+ of them??) :) but it was SO AMAZING to see the finished product this weekend. The sets and props were incredible, the actors all did such a great job.. and of course the artistic team was beaming the entire weekend as their vision came together so well! Several people have asked me about the theater company (Christian Youth Theater) and I've included the link above for your conveneince. There are several locations around the greater Houston area, but of course, we'd love you to come join us at the NE branch (Kingwod/Atascocita/Humble) as we gear up for Annie in the fall! Here's some of my favorite shots from the weekend.. of the show, a little behind the scenes, and of course, the 2 apples of my eye :) Enjoy!

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