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beer and bouillon in belgium

I've a couple of Belgian advenutures to share on the blog today.. The first was a trip to the trappist brewery of Orval. If you'd like to know more about the interesting world of monks brewing beer, here's a good history for you. You may also remember the "most famous beer in the world" run I made a couple of years ago with a friend to Westvlateren (also Trappist). Opps.. you don't know about that bc I never blogged it!? SO.. here's a quick story for you about the most famous beer in the world! It's called Westvlateren and it's brewed at the St Sixtus Abbey by monks in western Belgium. They brew a "6, 8 and 12" with the "12" being THE chosen one. Technically, it's not for resale, so the best way to get it is to call a number on a certain day and you'll be given a set day and time to come and collect your 2 crates! My friend and I made a pact to both call and after TWO HOURS, I got thru and 1 week later, we were driving the almost-2 hours to go pick up our guys some beer! (neither of us drink beer by the way, but it was more for the sport and fun of it for us) :) You drive up to the abbey at the alloted time and they load it for you.

"The monastery was born of an act of gratitude :

Matilde was a widow and her weddin-gring had accidentally fallen into the fountain. She prayed to the Lord and at once a trout rose to the surface with the precious ring in its mouth. Matilde exclaimed : "Truly this place is a Val d'Or ! " In gratitude, she decided to establish a monastery on the site." Neat story and cute label to match. See for yourself on the right: It's a beer tin that we brought home as a souvenier. I love it! Let me tell you about the collage on the left.

This particular abbey visit had plenty of haunting, romantic ruins for the history buff and a cozy cafe for the beer conessiours. I'll let you guess which of us appreciated which more :)

Next up: Berlin!

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