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before my car temp said 104′

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

a few favorites that are LONG overdue from this spring.. before my car temp read 104'!? here's the bane family showing off their cute girls!

and the gillettes, who have added a handsome fella since I saw them last!

it was great seeing you guys again!

next up is a big gang all in town for Easter (I know, I know.. I told you I was behind!)

You may recognize some of this family as chubbyfoot regulars...

and the sweet out-of-towners.

next up is the mccreights. they were first-timers and were a pleasure to meet. here's a favorite of the kiddos with their biggest fans: the parents AND grandparents.

they made me look good. I mean, how cute are they?!

ok - many more to come.. thanks for looking!

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