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beginning again

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Happy New Year all! Here's to blogging more often =)

Instead of chronicling the craziness that's been my life for the last two months, I'll let the pictures do the talking. I have lots of personal pics to share, but will refrain until I've given due coverage to my beautiful clients!

Today's group are a few home shoots that I did last fall. Always lovely and inspiring.. so custom and unique.

first up.. one of my favorite families to see each year. Miss A in her room.

and little A outside doing what he does best!

their beautiful parents making me look good =)

and one last shot of the whol gang.

next up is a sweet couple who welcomed their new addition, miss ava, a few months ago.

i loved their porch outside, and of course, it was mild enough to head outdoors for a few.. even with a one week old!

up close..

and their other sweet baby =)

and how much fun was it going to the tan's amazing home? This is in their outdoor living area.

the mr. and mrs.

and just sweet mom...

many more to share.. happy new year and I hope to be back again sooner than later!

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