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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

more pics from late 2007. The theme for today is bliss. All of these families just seemed to fit the bill =)

special thanks to Jennifer's parents for going with the flow the day of their shoot. It was one of those marathon days for me and I'd gotten behind. They were kind enough to rearrange a little and luckily, she was still happy as a lark for our session. Great seeing you guys again! You might recognize this family. It's been at least 4 years, if not 5, right?? I love this one of mom and dad. bliss describes me photographing these adorable cuties! and the whole clan... it was fun seeing the eubanks again after a couple of years. Their family has grown and with it, doubled the fun! I always like to make time for just a few of mom and dad though... I enjoyed seeing the peterson's again this winter. Little T was just a year when I saw her first, and now she's grown so much and had a handsome brother to introduce me to!

I've seen the hinzes several times this year, but it was a treat to have dad too in this session. we worked our tails off and you'd never know it was anything less than bliss from these favorites! I met the hartsfields for the first time this season. look at this little fella hamming it up for me! I had a full day at Hermann and they were first on the list. It's such a blessing when that first appt is fun and low-stress, and that's what it was. Mom, Dad and even his aunt were there doting and loving on their sweet guy and it was a great start to my day! I met the kutacs almost a year ago when baby M was just a month or 2 old. So it was so fun to see him again. She brought her whole fam and we BARELY missed a huge storm. I'm so glad it worked out for us.. her persistence paid off! and a favorite 1 yr shot =)

thanks for looking! many more still on the dock to share =)

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