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Bloom Happy!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

WOW! so the bloom sessions are a huge hit! Fri, April 13th is almost full (1:30-2:30pm left) and Thursday, March 29nd is nearing it. (8am and some afternoon left) So email soon if you'd like a spot! Also, I'll start a waiting list. Seeing that these are all children, it's very possible that someone will get sick, a black eye, etc.. so if you'd really like a spot, let me know and I'll call you as soon as I get a cancellation.

now to the stars of the show!

first, here's the beautiful autry cousins.. 3 of them under 2! Here's miss sarah.

then, the boys. "B" was born a few months early, so he truly is their little miracle. He was hamming it up! and the "big boy" with his mom.

and here's danny, just before his 1st b-day. How cute is he??

and this was fun for me. miss chloe didn't last too long.. although we got some great ones before she crashed. Her big brother was too sweet with her. here's one of my favorites.

and I'm going to sneak in a wedding on you =) I get quite a few requests and always say I don't do them.. but every now and then it just happens. ( so my arm can be twisted sometimes!) here's a few of the beautiful couple who are hopefully enjoying themselves in the mountains right now! congrats aaron and emily!

happy spring break all! I have a slew of spring shoots Thursday and Friday so be looking for posts next week.

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