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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

just a note that I've got a few openings left for the Bloom sessions at Mercer if you're interested. Details: April 7th and 8th. (most openings are early afternoon, but email for specifics) Children only. 30 min sessions. $250. Cute factor = off the charts =)

and on to the pics. here's some favorites that I haven't blogged yet. These are families with bigger kids.. no more babies, sniff, sniff. Just to show you that you families with bigger kids need pictures too. And MOMS, you need to be in them!! the neitzeys in all their jumping glory. looking gorgeous dad did it. =) now surely you must recognize these guys. I think this was our SIXTH year to do family pictures? The Metz family is always a joy to see and we laugh and joke around and hate to say good=bye. kissking dad's lucky head =) looking beautiful love you guys! until next year... next up is the torrence/firenze crew. Met them last year and was glad to see them again. Loving these dimples.. but we had to work a little to get them =) love this one b/c it give me hope that my son will let me snuggle up to him when he's growing up! menly men...

thanks for looking. I guess that's my last post of March!

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