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Bonjour from Tervuren, Belgium!

We're here! We arrived Monday morning at 7am and have been busy ever since! The kids started school yesterday and this morning my son was at swim practice by 6am!? Ready or not, here we are!

A few observations from the first 2 days. 1. My ninja like driving skills will come in handy ;) It's crazy zipping in and out on round-abouts and tiny cobblestone streets with miniature cars. It's such a paradox to sitting on the "Ring" or the E411 in standstill traffic. So it's either zip, zip or sit, sit, sit. 2. I may wear these every day for the next 6 months! So glad they jumped in my bag at Nordstrom before I left!! It has hardly stopped raining, so these have come in very handy AND they're warm.

*a kitchen knife, *my son's water bottle and swim bag (we brought my daughter an extra bag, but apparantly pink zebra with sequins isn't going to cut it for him), * the GPS car charger (we got stuck yesterday with a dead GPS and no map.. that was fun), * wrapping paper (there is a special birthday TOMORROW and it would have been so much easier had I wrapped the gifts before I left!? * Ziplocs and chip bag clips. 4. On my to do list today: a. buy new iphone (hubby tried to jailbreak our old one last night for like 4 hours to no avail). We were going to buy one yesterday and were there about 30 min decided on what we wanted, what plans and sat down to do it and they needed my passport, which I'd left at the hotel. Nice. Also needed passport at the bank, which leads me to b: b. Drop off copy of passport at bank ;) c. wrapping paper and treats (can't contain nuts, so I'm looking for noix or noten on the back of the wrapper) for C's 8th bday tomorrow! d. ask around for a bakery that sells birthday cake. Figure out where we can go special for dinner. e. Also at the cell phone place (it's called Kreffel), I need to buy an alarm clock for the kids so they know what time it is in their room, hair dryer and flat iron (maybe.. not sure it's worth it in this weather!?) oh and another GPS. There's NO WAY we can get around without one! f. go by hubby's HR office for a quick errand g. pick up kids at 3:30! YEsterday we had many of these on the to do list, but really just got about 2 things accomplished. Today, dad is at work so it's just me! So far so good! Have much more to share, but I can't get A-G done if I sit on the computer, so off I go! Remind me to tell you about: 1. which cars are on my wish list 2. how fun it is to park the car after school and walk everywhere 3. the kids fantasic school 4. pictures!? I've hardly taken ANY bc of the rain (and dark) and maybe jet lag, so I hope to fix that soon. Au Revior! Will be back soon, I hope!

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