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brought to you by residents of Mexico, Japan, Canada & France

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting a few international families in Dec/Jan and thought I'd highlight them today. Still trying to figure a way to sneak in their suitcases, but for now, a rendezvous in Houston will have to do =) The Malvaez family lives in Mexico City and they were absolutely a blast to photograph. next, a family you may recognize. I've photographed little W a couple of times, but they've since relocated to France. We got to catch up a few days before Christmas while they were in town... and with doting grandparents who were soaking up every minute with their little guy Here's a family from all over.. Japan and Canada included. 5 adult kids, 4 grandbabies.. I'm sure in a few years, this crew will be much bigger! the whole gang: and a few individual family shots

the japan crew and and I went back to the warm indoors to take some of their new bundle of joy well, that's all the continents I have to share today. I have taken photos of families from South Africa and Australia, so I guess I just have Antarctica left. Any one have a penguin connection?? =)

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