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calling all inner loopers…

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I've got a couple of spots for you =) I'll start by just offering 2 days, but will add more if these fill up. (and if you're an ex-inner looper like me and would just love to mix it up and meet me here, you're welcome as well!)

Friday, Nov 17th - a funky urban twist on portraits.. 19th street in the Heights - more pics

Saturday, Nov 18th - Helen's Park - on Stella Link, fun but a bit more nature (thanks, Lisa for the tip!)

Sunday, Nov 19th - Rice Univ - as classic as it gets (see photos below)

* photos from the Woodlands locale to come...

And here's a peek at a sweet 3 day old, Hannah. Gotta love a baby on a red chair. I think every home needs one (the baby and the chair, that is =)

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