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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

another word of the day, taken from the cajun french dictionary: canaille (adj.) [KAH NAHY] 1. mischievous [of children]. 2. sneaky, wily. [This word does not have the strong pejorative connotation it has in standard French.]

my little pixie turned "4" this weekend and what fun it's been to reminisce about her in photos. Often people tell me that she's got this certain twinkle in her eyes, or that her eyes dance.. but a Louisianan client hit the nail on the head last week when she told me of a cajun french word that reminded her of canon and when I looked it up, I had to giggle. =) canaille.

her grandparents and one great-grandmother came to town for a fun birthday/dance recital/christmas program weekend. here's a just a few to share... awaiting her entrance to the recital... a bit of excitement onstage 4th from the right ice skating later in the day... one with daddy, who's not a bad ice skater by the way!

and a favorite

of course I could post a ZILLION pics of my little cutie pie... but I'm sure you'll see many more of her in the future! thanks for looking =)

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