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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

well, if I'm gonna be a slacker on my blog, at least I can offer you a way to save money when I do finally appear! Again, Winkflash has their canvases 40% off for the next week. I've got about 8 of them in my house and at these prices, you too can decorate away! Code: Bestdeal78 Tips: Don't worry if it says the resolution isn't high enough. If I took the picture, it is! If you took it, I make no guarantees =) So since you're here.. I might was well post some pics! The following were taken late last year in the homes of my clients. I LOVE doing these shoots and since I'm stuck at home in the cold and rain, thought it'd be apropos to showcase them now! Surely you recognize this sweet family... the cornetts had me out to their beautiful home and I was introduced to their handsome addition. ok.. one more of her. I can't help myself! and the whole fam next up is mr. henry. less than 2 weeks old as I recall. and his adoring fan club... last but not least is miss sophie and henry at their casa...

picture perfect... and the whole gang.. thanks so much for looking. Hope you're staying dry and warm! I'm doing my best not to complain knowing that in a few short weeks, it could very likely be HOT and humid!

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