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canvases 40% off

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Here's the scoop - Winkflash has their canvases 40% off until Nov 24th. Perfect timing to get your fabulous pics on the wall! I've used them several times for my canveses, most recently for 24x36" beauties in my office: *Just a note, that when I ordered mine, I got a message that the resolution was too low, which was NOT the case. So my test for you is that if you blow up the pic on the screen and it's still in focus, then you're good to go. If its a little fuzzy, then choose another.. but resolution wise, my pics should be plenty large for these.

and on to the good stuff.. Here's my first Connor who's so big and 4 yrs old. and my next buddy Connor who's also now 4 and I've been photographing since he was tiny. love the shirt. and a final pair of boys who were so much fun to photograph at 8am on a Sunday morning. (and I'm not being sarcastic! - they were truly adorable and easy)

so glad we got this pic for mom. I'm sure the day will come when the boys will not be so inclined... =)

thanks for looking!

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