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catching up, just to get behind again..

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

so we're off to the beach tomorrow for a week. whoohoo! figured if I didn't blog tonight, then I'd really be behind when i returned. So here's some of my favorites to share.. so many great ones to choose from! kelli and rick were so much fun to photograph. we went downtown and had a blast, especially with kelli's little angel in tow. so here's a fun back story. when I first met kelli and addi, I had to bring my son in his stroller b/c my husband had to work expectantly. her mom pushed him around for me and he lasted 3 hours eating cheerios and playing with trucks while I had 3 shoots that day!? fast forward almost 4 years and here they are - beautiful as ever. congrats you three =) here's a couple of seniors for you. Amanda braved an oncoming storm like a pro. We had a lot of fun and snapped fast before the downpour!

pam was just as easy and beautiful to photograph. I took her brother's senior pics last year, and she has a 2 yr old that I hope to take 16 years from now!? good luck girls! on the opposite end of the spectrum, i introduce miss julia.. just one week old. this might be my favorite newborn shot ever. she slept and squirmed, yawned and grunted and then.. this =) but don't let her fool you.. she has her priorities in order. the smith girls were fun to hang out with last weekend. they had lots of energy and were a pleasure to play around with!

oh and here's a fun story. meet my first "houston texan" family! I got to go out to their neck of the woods and photograph them in their surroundings. we had a window to get this done since dad will be 7 days a week soon starting the new season. my husband suggested I do a trade for tickets.. ha ha.. i'll be rooting for you this fall ,putziers!

ahh.. toddlers. here's a few favorites from the last couple of weeks. chasing ryan.. a sweet moment with carys kara with arms wide open.. all-smiles wyatt.. seriously.. it was one of those where I had 200 smiling pictures in the 1st 20 minutes and we just hung out and chatted ! mr blaine.. not so smiley this day, but just as handsome and oh so cute with his hair-do! I first met him at 7 weeks I think, so it was fun to see him grow! ooh and check out this lollipop! thanks, mom for the cool prop! thomas was in heaven. and i love this yellow at mercer. tristin was a great model, as always. this is camille, our jacksonville cousin who was in town last weekend competing in a regional rhythmic gymnastics meet in missouri city. she's as graceful as she is beautiful. I took canon to the meet to see her and she's been imitating her ever since, pointing her toes and bowing. My husband says her recital next weekend is going to be a disappointment since the song is only 1 minute long and we get the free-style 2 hour version daily!? singing and dancing is her thing. i sense Broadway in our future! and here she is dressed up for group pictures last week.

and what's big brother doing while sis is prancing around? swimming like a fish! he joined the swim team and is loving it. we'll have to miss an entire week of practice, but we figure it will be ok since we'll be in the ocean instead! have a great week and I'll sip a margarita on the beach for ya while I'm gone! (i'll be checking email periodically if you need me)

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