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champagne with kiddos and honeymooners.. why not!?

Of course the Champagne region has been on my to-do list for visiting while in Europe. At just 3 hours away, it's an easy weekend getaway. I assumed I'd have to wait until I found an overnight sitter so we could go sans kids, but some friends of mine suggested it was totally doable WITH the kids! They've all raved about a fabulous bed and breakfast ( Le Havre du Percheron) in Verneuil, of which the owners have kids (big back yard, game room with ping pong, etc.) so we thought we'd give it a shot. We went with our fun friends, the newlyweds, Scott and Allison, who were just back from their American wedding. They've actually had a "first honeymoon" but this was their 1st trip after their State-side wedding, so we've been joking that they're honeymooning with us and the kids! haha.. What good sports! :) We were met with blue skies, a fantastic b&b experience, and lots of bubbly. What more could we ask for? We left Brussels around 8:30am and arrived before noon on Saturday. We checked in and Sabine sent us to a GREAT lunch place in neighboring Dormans called Sylvian Suty, which we all would highly recommend! We then headed to Epernay to the Rodeo Drive of the Champagne region for our first Champagne house tour of Moet and Chandon. It was very interesting and the kids enjoyed going down in the caves.

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