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Chevy the Schnoodle {Houston pet photography}

2015 was a fun year for the Wheatley family because we added our first 4 legged member to the family: Chevy the schnoodle! He's been such a fun addition and we all love him and can't believe we waited so long to get a dog. He has a great personality and while the puppy stage had its challenges, we wouldn't trade him for the world. The kids are old enough to help take care of him and really enjoy him and it's always fun to come home to bouncy, excited puppy kisses! He turned ONE in December (we've had him since he was about 10 weeks old, in March) and I decided to mark the occasion with a little photo shoot. Some photos are campy and kid-inspired and others are more design oriented. I had SO MUCH FUN and of course my first thought was, I should look into pet photography! I've taken photos of pets over the years but not often as the sole subject. SOO...if you know anyone who loves their sweet fur babies as much as their human ones, send them my way! We could make magic! I think I'll make this a little series. I hope you don't mind :) We redecorated C's room for her 12th birthday and I wanted to use photos of Chevy in her new room to frame and surprise her. I had to keep these quiet for a couple of weeks and it was killing me! The one on the left is an 11x14 on her wall and she couldn't be happier!! She said she could have had them ALL of just Chevy and been thrilled! Chevy chilling in C's new room...

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