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chirstmas in march

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

wrapping up chirstmas pics! I love this one of the simpson family. I used to be afraid of shooting in the sun, but if you do it right, there's a neat look about it. (and I'll have a chance during my beach sessions this june in galveston!) and a different perspective... this is my 3rd time to see the hickman's I think. and look who's greeting me at the door! one with mom.. and having tea with dad... The frenneas are always fun to see each year. I've photographed miss J since she was 2 or less, I think! I now get big hugs each year and look forward to seeing how she's grown.

i met the chapmans for the first time this year. they were probably the easiest 5 siblings I've ever photographed! how cute are they?? and the girls...i love, love, love the look on big sis's face looking at her baby sis. the diems were fun to see again. we met in the woods and played around some. and I have to say I never get tired of christmas red. It's bright and cheery and looks so great on these girls!

Last but, not least, the crosslands and their cute kiddos. their little guy was at his best while moving!!

i think that might be it from 2007! I have a couple of pregnant bellies from 07, but the babies were this year, so I'm technically off the hook. =) will post them shortly. have a great weekend and thanks for looking.

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