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Chubbyfoot is going GLOBAL ;)

As in Brussels, Belgium.. for 2-3 years! I'll be following my hubby to Europe for a work assignment, and will have to take a sebatical for a while. Please forgive me for leaving you, but I'm hoping some of you might come visit me! So start working on your passports! ;) (And pass the word for any European traveling friends in the coming months/years, to look me up for fabulous vacation pics! ) The timing is still a bit uncertain, but it's looking like I'll be shooting the rest of Sept, all of October and the first week of November. TO be safe, I'd book Sept or Oct if I you can. My weekend slots will be limited (needing to spend time with family and friends), so maybe you can pull the kids out of school for an hour as a special circumstance. OR, I'll be able to send you to a fantastic local photog. More details on her in the next post! I have to say that it has been SUCH a pleasure to see your families grow over the years. A few of you have been with me for 8 years (!?) and I just have to pinch myself that I can do what I love every day! So thank you SO much for allowing me into your lives. I feel guilty for leaving, but I hope that you know and love me enough to appreciate this amazing opportunity that we have for our family. I hope to keep shooting some while overseas and have MANY amazing locales to share with you! And since every post needs pics, I am really behind on blogging and need to catch up! (hopefully you can forgive me since you now know what's been occupying my time as of late!?) First up: Charlie is a big brother!! Dang.. I'm sad just posting this, knowing I won't get to see these little guys for the next couple of years. Loved meeting Mr Tommy and seeing his sweet family again!

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