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ciao, sunny Italy {Firenze/Florence edition}

It's hard to believe that TWO weeks ago, we were saying goodbye to sunny Italy. Florence (or Firenze if you're looking for it on an Italian map!) is one of mine and the hub's favorite cities from our previous Europe travels. It's romance, history and art (and gnocci) enveloped and wooed us immediately. Our time there this time was too short, but it was the icing on the cake of our little Italian holiday. Our kids are about at their castle/museum limit.. so opted for the smaller Accedemia (to see Michaelangelo's David) and the Bargello (a lovely smaller scultpure museum that we'd loved from years before). We love the Uffizzi and I'm determined to bring them back when they're ready for it... or at least help pack their bags when they backpack across Europe in college ;) But first on any trip to Florence, the first stop has to be the Duomo!

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