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city slickers

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I'm a downtown girl at heart. anyone reading this for more than a month probably knows that already! So, it's MUCH fun for me to get back to my old stomping grounds for shoots. and where else would you find a shopping cart in the middle of the street than the Heights!? thanks to the piccot family for having a blast with me... we hit this precious cupcake shop in town for some birthday pics as well... I met the limachers the same day and had fun with yet another beautiful urban baby - this time, we added some gelato to the mix! i can do traditional too =) the kirbies were super fun to work with. It had been a couple of years since i'd seen them, and the kids were just as cute as ever. this is a favorite shot of mine. love this next one of the grandparents. I once had a grandparent fuss at me for not having enough shots of them on my site and I promised her that it wasn't that I don't love grandparents, it's just that people don't often drag them out for shoots! but I certainly love it when they tag along. I KNOW that those pictures are so important and will be treasured for many, many years to come. and mom and dad.. alone at last finally, i got to meet the jones family a few weeks ago in their beautiful home. of course, their art work was demanding my attention! this is why I love going to clients homes so much. it's as custom and unique an experience as you can get. you will never again see another picture exactly like that anywhere! ooh.. and look what else I found. A perfect, tiny alleyway, just right for little miss jones.

and the whole gang interacting... and miss priss finally cracking a smile =)

ahh.. ok, I've got my city fix. back to the livable forest when the sun rises. thanks for looking and check back for more soon!

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