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Cologne to Koblenz: Traveling with kids in Germany

The latter part of the grandparent visit, we headed to Germany for a few days. We spent the first night in Cologne, which is all about the Cathedral, or Cologne Dom. Basically one of the largest gothic cathedrals in the world, which suffered damage in WWII but not as much as you'd expect from the flattened city around it. We climbed the 509 steps to the belfry and waited for the bells to ring on the hour. There are 11 bells in all, 4 of which are from the 1400's , with the newest being St Peter's Bell weighing 24 tons: the largest free swinging bell in the world. It was an experience for sure! Dad took some time with the kids in the dom, and patiently went through the biblical stories told in the amazing stained glass. It was certainly fitting on Easter weekend and amazing to think that these same stories have been shared for so many centuries in this building. Without further ado, Cologne.

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