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color: Night Scape

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

a few other fun things going on at the Wheatley house. Thought I'd share the progress.. these pics in the office begged for a more dramatic wall color - so in came "Night Scape".

up close....

and my favorite new non-photo wall =)

got the idea online and found the decal - yes, it's a decal on a painted wall - at chiasso, but it's a blik product if you're interested in more designs.

speaking of other ideas I snagged from online.. check this out.

the fabric wrapped canvas is self made and is about 30x48". The photos is printed on foam board and is about 20x24.

it's all about the details...

I definitely am enjoying and embracing COLOR as of late. My house was so neutral for so long.. it's been fun bringing in the vibrance.

enjoy and check back for more soon!

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