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coming out of hiding

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I really have been enjoying the quiet of January. Oct - Dec is SO busy, that January's slow down is MUCH needed and appreciated. I'm just now starting to look at spring dates and have almost ironed out the next few months and will post soon. I have a few new ideas, one of which involves cupcakes, and several old popular ones that you won't want to miss (blooms, beach, bluebonnets).

but let's get to some pics! these are from last last summer (ouch!) when it was green and lush around here. gotta love the explosion of color.. =) and a final fave next up the mermis crew. Was fun to see their little man a year later! and finally, mr. "friday" he and grandma

thanks so much for peeking. Don't give up on me yet! there are MANY more to come!

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