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dawson {senior 2017}

With a name like "Chubbyfoot" you may wonder if I do senior pics!? :) Well, when I started FOURTEEN years ago, I had a sweet pair of chubbyfeet at my house and that's what inspired me and who I naturally photographed. Families, babies and kids have taken the majority of my time, but I have seen plenty of seniors over the years and it's always fun to have them in front of my camera.. no need to sing "wheels on the bus" or talking about stinky feet :) I also am starting more and more to have families like Dawson's, whose pics I have taken at some point over the years (Or every year) and now they have a senior! Makes me feel so old but it's super fun and what an honor to have seen them over the years and have my pictures hanging on their walls. There are some great boutique senior photographers in the area (a couple are dear personal friends of mine) and they are awesome at what they do. Since there are thousands of graduating seniors each year in our area, there's plenty of great photographers and awesome seniors to go around.. but of course, I can only blog about the ones I have in front of MY camera, so here's my first senior of 2017 to photograph this year! * in case you're wondering about pricing, Dawson chose my "mini session" which can be perfect for guys or very low maintenance girls. haha. Most girls would prefer clothing changes, possible hair changes, etc.. so I'd recommend a "full session" for them. Dawson- guitar loving, cross country running KHS senior. best of luck your senior year!!

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