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Delightful Dordogne {Part 1}

Have you heard of Dordogne? I admit that I hadn't before I moved here and several friends vacationed there. It's a region in southwest/central France that is along the Dordogne River.

"The joys of the Dordogne include rock-sculpted villages, fertile farms surrounding I-should-reture-here cottages, memory-card-gobbling vistas, lazy canoe rides, and a local cuisine worth loosening your belt for. But it's big draw is its concentration of prehistoric artifacts. Limestone caves decorated with prehistoric artwork litter the Dordogne region." We got some rediculously priced flights to Bergerac, France (19 euro I think?) and drove to Sarlat-de-Canada, which would be our homebase for the 1st four nights. (we ended up picking up dad in Bergerac on Friday morning and driving to St Emilion, then Bordeaux and flying out of Bordeaux on the Sunday night) From Bergerac, we stopped in a couple of cute villages along the way, St Cyprien and Les Eyzies en route to Sarlat. our first (of many) lunches with a view :)

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