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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

i don't mean to frighten you by the speediness of this post. I actually took these pictures YESTERDAY!! And as I was sifting thru, a few caught my eye and I had the novel idea of posting them before 6 months have passed =) enjoy... first up yesterday. the adorable c and k. loving this toothless smile... new friends from katy, tx. the big guy playing with me. and sweet little sis mmm.. yumminess love this one. Maybe I'm partial b/c they remind me so much of a certain 7 and 5 year old blondie at home?? more fun with these guys last time I saw these guys, they were toddlers. what a fun, beautiful family they've grown into! some lovin' in the park the lovely burns family. Mom always does such a great job of corrdinating everyone. Dad is a good sport =) their handsome fella ok.. are you ready to smile?? and his lovely fan club

last but not least.. the sweet Thomas family. The rain held out for us and look what we got.. all 5 looking adorable as ever!

thanks for looking! So as you can see the Christmas card season is in full swing. So fun seeing these sweet families grow from year to year!

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