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does my insurance cover mosquitoes!?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The light came on at my casa on Thursday so I'm officially connected! Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for either your pictures or an email response. My new dilemma is the mosquito swarms of Biblical proportions! I had to cancel all my shoots in the last week due to the pesky creatures traumatizing my clients. (does my insurance cover that!?)

So, while I await their departure, it's all indoor work for me, and that includes catching up on my blog! Today I'll share some sweet girlie photos. All these cuties were dressed up. you can't help but smile at these beauties. First up is Catherine, Sarah and Sophie. and baby sis

next up is reagan and sloane Miss Isabella was a complete ham for her 2nd birthday pics. And lastly is Miss Harper for her first birthday. and a final funny reaction to the yuckiness =)

thanks for looking. I hope you all are getting back to normal and back to your routines.

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