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Dollins downtown

I have to admit I was hesitant about shooting this fall. Our family has gone through a lot of changes and I really did not miss my crazy work schedule while living overseas.. but I have to say that all my creative, social, kid-loving, color-seeking juices were out in full force this weekend and it was SO FUN! I think the hiatus was just what the doctor ordered and it really was so good to be back, chatting with so many sweet families and tickling kids again this weekend. I really think the mini sessions are where the real fun lies for me too ( for this season at least). Historically, I've always gotten our best shots in the first 15 min when the kids were fresh and the rest was just bonus. Especially with so many of my clients having older kids now, everyone seems to agree that 25-30 pics is a great amount of photos to capture everyone's growth, have great shots for the christmas card AND a few great ones to frame. Oh and here's another benefit to minis and not overscheduling myself: quicker turn around times. I've already sent everyone's photos out by noon today from this weekend's sessions! Here's a couple of sweet emails I've gotten in response already: "Christmas arrived for mommy! You have made my day, lady, there is no one like you. You have a true calling for photography. I know you know, but I just have to say. Am tearing up looking at these preciousos." JG " Thank you! I love all of them! You obviously kept us all smiling and laughing through the shoot. I'm going to hard a hard time choosing pictures for card making and framing! Thanks again -- and hopefully you will do a family photo for us next year once baby brother is photo ready. :) KM " Mackenzie, Thank you so much for the SUPER FAST turnaround! The pics are wonderful!!! My husband was very complimentary of you yesterday. So glad you're back and love doing what you do best!" DA As you can tell, I truly love this job and am excited to be easing back into it this fall. The icing on the cake is certainly all the sweet families that make each and every session such a joy! CLICK HERE for 2 more weekend slots I've added. (Nov 8th morning and Nov 2 afternoon) Speaking of sweet families.. I have many families to blog from this weekend (and I promise, I'll keep them coming here, so put me back in your regular rotation!), but this one was extra fun, bc in the 3 years since i've been gone, they've added not one, but TWO additions to their family! And as you can tell, they should keep on going just to grace the world with more cute Dollins kids!

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