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double the fun

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

good times! all families with two precious little ones to share today.. you may recognize the Mohan girls (true "double" the fun since they're twins!)... their mom brings them in regularly and it keeps getting easier each time as they get older! this was an extra special session though, as she brought the girls in their traditional indian dress and also brought along grandma! ( i know, i know.. she doesn't look like a grandmother at all!) gotta love the shoes!

now for some good friends of ours that came from Dallas to let me photograph their family. we had a good time visiting (our kids are almost the exact ages) and i so enjoyed photographing their beautiful family. love you guys =) the francis family: pure bliss letting mom love on him

and finally here's the edwards family. mom's about to head back to work, so this week we captured some sweet moments of the family before the craziness starts. they're a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to meet these girls and their dad!

it's late and i need to retire. I have more to share, as always..

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