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Easter in the Big Apple {NYC lovin'}

Isn't it funny that I didn't have time to blog about my last 3 trips until now, when I had 16 shoots to edit from this weekend and another 30 to line up for the blog...!? haha As I'm seeing lots of familiar faces these days (some that I'm seeing for the first time since our pre-Belgium days), I'm getting asked a lot about our travels. So it encouraged me to blog a little something personal in between the parade of beautiful families scrolling thru... As you can imagine, it's been interesting returning to some normalcy after our 2.5 years of crazy travel in Europe. My family had been crying "uncle" for a while and was ready to settle down and sleep in on weekends, say "yes" to birthday sleepovers and put the suitcase away for longer than 2 weeks. For the most part we've done that.. we're quite certain we'll live in the US for the majority of our lives, so there's no rush to see the entire continent in the next 3 years :) But, as you may have guessed, the travel bug hit me hard and I'm trying to find the balance between being a responsible adult and answering the call of my soul to see the world!? I met up with a friend living in a grey, dreary large Chinese town with few expats and she mentioned that she needed to get out once a quarter or so to recharge, see sun and eat a burger. When she said that, the light bulb went off for me. While I love my friends, routines and safe neighborhood and am so thankful for our great entertaining house and the green suburb and SPACE, i do miss spreading my wings and exploring. It's not that I'm not content and living life where I'm planted.. But I'm energized, inspired and rejunivinated by new sites and sounds and cultures and experiences. Even better when I get to share it with loved ones! My 2015 travel plan started off with a bang as my hubby let me tag along on a work trip to Singapore/Phillipines. We had a blast and I loved every minute of it! You can catch up here, here and here.. Then for my birthday last April, I asked for the gift of travel as it is the "only thing you can buy that makes you richer" :) D and I have been once or twice to NYC before kids, then I took my daughter 6 years ago (yikes!) with friends which was wonderful. But this would be our first trip as a family of 4, so we went on a long weekend break (easter) which happened to also be my birthday. There are things I'd do differently for sure. Maybe I was out of practice planning for our family?( It was our first family trip after moving back from Europe), but I felt like i could have done better in finding/booking restaurants and would have liked to have booked a formal walking or museum tour. I was trying to be flexible for the weather and not commit too much to inside activities on a pretty day and visa cersa. Early April was an interesting time to go.. trees still barren, rooftop of the Met isn't open yet, cold but no snow... We had a FULL rainy day but then a gorgeous one where we made up for lost time and walked the Brooklyn Bridge just for fun. We did some new things (9/11 memorial, walking the bridge and High Line) but also experienced some of the oldies and goodies like going to the top of the Empire State Bldg, seeing a broadway show (revival of the King and I!), amoung others. In the end, we had a great time and I can only hope that my brainwashing is in full effe, they have a love for the diversity and grandeur and energy and beauty that is NYC! Perhaps we'll get back one summer where we'll binge on Broadway, bagels and lazy Central Park strolls. See.. look how relaxed and calm that trip sounds?? :) ok.. enough wordy words. How about some pictures and perhaps you'll get the bug too!

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