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Easter in the UK, finale :)

well hello there. Anyone still reading this sporadic blog??

The ONLY reason I don't feel more guilty about my poor blogging is that I've had enough adventures in the last 6 weeks to keep me busy blogging until the end of year!? Hopefully, it won't take me THAT long to report, but in the meantime, here I sit.. 6 weeks later, trying to finish up this little Brighton trip that has turned into a month long post! lol. Let's do this thing! ok, so in case you've forgotten, you can read up on our Brighton Loop here and here. On our final day, we headed to The Brighton Aquarium, which has the honor of being the oldest aquarium in the world! It still had some nice old interiors from the 1800's, but was mostly modern, informative and entertaining to the old and young. I didn't get ANY pictures for some reason, so here's one I pulled of a vintage postcard.. it's not nearly as cute as that anymore from the outside, so I prefer this anyway.

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