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fall calendar: taking votes, and changes to come..

hi faithful chubbyfoot readers - thanks for waiting patiently for the posting of the fall schedule. I hope to have it out in 2 weeks. In the meantime, take a look at my locations page and feel free to email me if you have a LOCATION PREFERENCE or suggestion for this year. Are there enough of you in Katy or Cypress for me to come your way? Or is there enough of you wanting to hit downtown for a more urban look this year? Or maybe we have enough to hit Galveston for family beach pics before it gets too cold? EMAIL or reply here and I'll start taking notes and consider your requests while planning my big shooting days this fall. Thanks!

Big changes are in store for this fall:

1. I have help! I have a wonderful mac-loving, computer savvy, photoshopping guru to help me. You may or may not know that I LOVE taking pictures, meeting people, making kids smile.. but the editing/computer work after the fact, is NOT a fave and I'm so happy to have someone to take that from me. More about her soon! 2. no more damaged cds. We're going flash drive, so your package will look a little different this year. 3. there will be a CHUBBYFOOT STORE! We're setting it up as a chance for you to order quality prints from a proifessional lab with guarenteed fabulous results. Small gift books and christmas cards will be on the menu as well.. so be looking for that! 4. and last but not least.. I'm giving myself a raise this fall =) Nothing too crazy, but it's been a few years and I think it's time. I hope you see the value in the "chubbyfoot experience" and continue to allow for me in the budget. I can say that weekends will be the most change, so week days might start looking better if you can work it out. I, like you, treasure my time at home with my family on weekends and am hoping to work less of them.. enough words, words, words! How about some of my faves from sweet Jacob, whom I've been photographing since he was tee-niny. Loved seeing him ON his 3rd bday! and getting to spend the morning with just him, although I love his brothers too, of course. Enjoy!

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