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fall in full swing

I've been a busy bee. The change in weather means lots of family pictures! Unlike years past when I'm up until 2am editing every night, I have hired a fabulous editor that's making my life so much easier, so i can actually enjoy this season for the first time in a long time! Her name is Miranda, and she'll be gracing this blog soon. In the meantime, know that I want to kiss her on the lips every time I see her.. but I refrain. ;) Few changes on the calendar, so check back if you still haven't booked yet. It's a work in progress, and I'm constantly adding and ammending as the need arrises. Here's a few examples: MINIS: (they're almost done, but here's a few spots left) THIS Tuesday, I have a couple of early morning spots in Kingwood. THIS Wednesday at 9:40am i have a new spot in the Heights. Tues, Nov 2nd is the LAST mini date, and I've just moved it from Katy to Traditional Houston. Email fast if you want a spot! FULL WEEKEND SESSIONS Saturday, Nov 6th is a new Houston day (i had hopes to be at my son's superbowl that day, but it's not looking that good, my friends) ;) Just 1 spot left on the 13th and 20th, but lots of space on the 21st in Houston. Now to the good part.. the pictures! You will certainly recognize this gorgeous family.. the Winters crew. So fun to see them every year. They added a son-in-law this year.. who knows what they'll be adding next? ;)

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