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Fieldtrip Fridays..

or it could be tuesdays, sometimes a thursday, but NEVER on a Monday. (I reserve Mondays for unpacking, laundry, grocery, emails and printing out boarding passes for the next weekend!:) Have had some fun field trips/adventures the last couple of weeks that i thought I'd share. Especially for locals that haven't been to these spots yet! Brussels really is an amazing location as far as exploring the rest of Europe and I'm taking advantage of it! First up: The Horta House/Museum in Ixelles. (a fun area of Brussels just off of Ave Louise) Victor Horta was to Brussels what Gaudi was to Barcelona: Art Nouveau Master architect that left an indelible mark on city which 100 yrs later, is still fantastic. Gaudi was a little more outlandish, but Horta certainly was a creative genious and his primary residence/studio can be visited and appreciated today. I arranged a private tour (in English) that was very enjoyable and I'd highly recommend if you go! No photos allowed, so I snagged these from the web. What a bummer that was too, as it's a photographers dream!

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