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finishing winter before it’s spring! =)

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I still have loads of families to share from the holiday rush. I figure I need to finish up before it's spring! here's a few favorites of some handsome fellas. the anderson's were back again and their little guy was cuter than ever... love this one of him checking out santa. and you have to have an action shot or 2 when playing with 2 boys under the age of 4! the kesslers:

next, the andrews family... little "M" had fun in the leaves. and the whole fam the Hieger boys drove in from Pearland in January. and here's a family with lots of boys.. the Sullivans are chubbyfoot regulars, but I don't get the whole family together too often. I had fun at their awesome new lake-side home. and last but not least are the woodwards, who have 2 gorgeous boys and another on the way (not sure if it's another boy or not??) thanks for looking. more to come soon! =)

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