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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

i was hoping to have an official launch with a new website/logo, etc.. but alas, the best laid plans.. So, a new blog header and homemade teaser will have to do! will focus primarily on the hip, urban-trapped-in-suburbia, eclectic, funky, i-pod toting, myspace addicted culture that will soon be spreading their wings in flight to bigger and better places. there will be no laying in the grass with hands under the chin and head tilted "just so". yes, we'll make the mothers happy and get some great portraits for her wall, but mostly we'll focus on what it means to be eighteen and loving every minute of it.

click here for flighteighteen packages.

Thanks to claire and jacque who were my guinea pigs this week. we had 2 vans and a suburban full of mostly jacque's accessories. ha ha.. grandma's mustard velvet wingback chair included. thanks girls, for making me look so good!

Here's some of my favorites: jacque in the aforementioned chair. you know i was loving that. claire, jacque and alli at the construction site that has been their school for the last 2 years

claire in a new take on the traditional kingwood shot. it's "livable forest" without her leaning against the ubiquitous tree =) it was a holiday and we had the place to ourselves. how cool is that? we spent quite a bit of time in kingwood, and I knew that the best was yet to come. sure enough, we found some Houston spots that were well worth the drive. a blue wall and a blue guitar ok, you gotta love a watermelon canoe and a teal green school bus!? and last but not least, the fierceness that is jacque. if you meet her on the lacrosse field, you should be very afraid..

thanks girls and thanks everyone for looking. more to come soon..

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