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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I love it when clients send me chirstmas cards or birth announements.. it's so much fun to see the end result of the photos we took. Here's an example of sweet Natalie. we took her photos in October, so this is the family's annoucement/christmas card -which is a great idea to combine. you can see more styles from this company at thanks, Jennifer!

speaking of cute cards, here's a couple that my friend at Midnight Designs made. Check out her site for other ideas for Valentine's Day. ** Also she needs some photos to use in sample cards for her website (easter, valentine's, birthday invite, etc..) If you have some time, send her a couple of favorites and your photos could be made into something fabulous!

tonight I'm taking pics of my new gallery wraped canvas collage and will post tomorrow. It's divine - you'll love it!

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