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Fun Fieldtrips { Dutch edition: Kinderdijk & Gouda}

One of the best parts of living in Europe (especially in centrally-located Brussels) is that we're not far from so many amazing places! Within a 2 hour drive or less, we can be sampling Dutch cheese, visiting any number of Belgian medieval castles, hiking in Luxembourg or sipping wine in France. Perhaps I'll get more organized and add a "daytrips from Belgium" category for locals who would like ideas. Wish me luck on that :)

In the meantime, I've a few fun fieldtrips to share with you and one my favorites took place this summer when my friend Allison and I, took the kids to Gouda to experience the old cheese market. It was a gorgeous summer day and cheese was definiltey on the menu! (we'd been once before to Gouda, and you can find the pics here..)

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