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Fun Fieldtrips {Ghent, Belgium}

So we visited Ghent in our first month here in belgium 2 years ago.. it was a weekend and cold and very crowded (sales are just twice a year, and it was the end of the sales month), but we still managed to have a great time. There's a canal, great architecture, an amazing medievel castle and a tower to climb. Fastforward 2 years, and I went back last week with a friend ( I know.. last week.. don't panic! haha.. I'm skipping ahead bc it was easy), and it was a completely different story. No crowds, no kids in tow, no must-sees to visit.. just a leisurely stroll on a random weekday and it really was fun! As you can see, I discovered a few new places, which was a treat. So sit back and enjoy! First up: the more traditional, flemish part of Ghent..

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