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geeking out in {berlin}

As a child of the 80's AND history buff, Berlin was a must-see for me. I well remember the wall coming down while I was in high school and, like Russia, was excited to visit a place that would have been impossible when I was my kids' ages. I had plenty that I wanted to see and was looking forward to checking off my list. What Berlin was, however, was so much more than i could have expected. There's an unpredicatibility and edginess that is palpable in every building, monument and native. It's evocative and innovative; a melting pot of east and west; rich in culture and progress, yet respectful and approachable. Pushing boundaries and buttons; efficient and orderly, yet counter-culture and creative. And there's cranes. More than any other European city that I remember. Berlin is booming. We took the Fat Tire bike tour, which we'd highly recommend!, and really got the lay of the land with the help of a knowledgeable, upbeat guide. Here's some of my favorite shots from our ride..

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