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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I remember a time when it seemed like I just photographed boys. Well, the tide has surely turned and girls are in the majority! Here's some cuties from last week. this is colby. You may remember her from last year when she was just 6 weeks old. well, here they are almost a year later! up close: and trying something new: it was a blast seeing you guys again. Looking forward to watching her grow! Happy birthday, miss colby.

And here's baby sarah. I've photographed her family pre-sarah.. mom dad and THREE sisters. So, this is it for them and mom is doing a great job of making is special and capturing her when she's little. the last baby and a cute one she is! trying to get that bunched up baby shot.. she didn't cooperate, but I liked this just as much. and you gotta love that full milk belly =)

thanks for taking the time to bring her by. it was a pleasure!

more to come soon - hope you and your own sweet chubbyfeet make some sweet memories this week!

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