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girls just want to have fun =)

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I take full responsibility for the following images!? Besides being married to a boy, and the fact that I actually like to camp and run marathons, I'm all girl. I love singing, dancing, chick flicks, ruffles, dressing up, and adored Mary Lou Rhetton as a kid. I love to shop, have way too many pairs of shoes and could spend hours perusing antique stores in search of the perfect vintage linens. So, I take every girlie opportunity with my little girlfriend and we have buckets of fun!

In comes Hannah Montana, the 3D Movie. No, we're not paying $300/ticket to see her live at the rodeo, but I thought it'd be fun to see the 3D movie this weekend with some friends. I know, she's only 4, but has an older girl cousin and already knows all about Hannah and High School Musical. Of course, we had to dress up for the occasion!

ok, so I provided the outfit and the camera, but can I just say that she comes up with the rest of this stuff all by herself! ha ha.. a funny face, and below, sporting the ultimate Hannah accessory - the hair! maybe my favorite of the day... and with our friends. Little sis was not feeling well at all, poor thing, but she made it through. Hope you get a good laugh out of these! Ok - I'm off.. check back for more soon =)

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