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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I think any one that keeps up with this blog is just a little more thankful for your healthy children, family, spouses and loved ones today. I know I am and have squeezed them extra special. klein has been needing breathing treatments more regularly with the weather change, and what can be burdensome at times, seems much less so with a new perspective, you know? I'm so thankful I can care for him and that it's curable and it's such a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. I know God would give me the grace to handle something larger, just as He's done for the Benders. They still are in my prayers, as I hope they are in yours as they bury their sweet girl tomorrow. (friday) i have dozens of families to catch up on, but here's some of that have been waiting in the wings the longest.... this might be the cutest LSU accessory I've seen yet! =) jack needed to wear this for a while for medical reasons, so mom and dad thought they'd have fun with it! and I couldn't resist posting this shot of the first baby in the family... speaking of cute accessories, how'd you like to be wearing this one on your hip? we've come to know the gary family through school - our boys are in class together - and it was much fun to photograph them a few weeks ago. now a few faves from the woodlands.. I've had some fun exploring out there recently. thanks to all who came to play with me =) first up was a chubbyfoot regular.. the bledsoes next year, we'll have another to add to the mix! congrats, you guys! and their little superstar looking like a gap ad

the burns family was a LOT easier this year and we were all thankful! mom even brought some tissues just in case that we didn't have to pull out once! little "j" had a hard time last year, but what a difference a year made and he was adorable and charming as ever. So, there's hope for you who've had hard shoots.. it does get better!! i met the gottseligs for the first time this day and miss "b" immediately stole my heart. she is cute as pie, and totally rockin' the beret here. You'd think they were strolling the streets of paris! and don't get me started on that bow... ahh.. miss katie beth. mom, is this our 4th year together?? she just keeps getting prettier - if that's possible - and fun for me to hang out with. mom let us lead the way and play and she just got to relax a little. the results were amazing.

and look what happened when I let her hold the camera! ha ha.. as you can see, I had a fabulous time and it made me salivate over the thought of shooting commercially one day. in due time... that's all for now. need to get back to editing. down to crunch time! Sleep an extra hour for me tonight !!

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