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Happy Fjordieth from Norway {part 2}

You ready for part deux? :) So after the hiking/kayaking/culinary fun, we had a few other adventures on tap for exploring fjord country.

First up: biking the Rallarvegen Road thru the Flamsdalan Valley. We took the train back up to Myrdal where we rented bikes and returned them back down in Flam. The key word here is DOWN, since it's mostly downhill all the way. Sweet! The birthday boy is quite the biker and I gave him the option of doing a more strenuous mountain biking trip, but he opted to stick it out with me. Lucky me :) haha.. It was actuallly a bit tricky at the beginning with 20+ switchbacks (in fact, we heard there was a death in this very spot last year), but eventually made it out safely and enjoyed the scenery at every turn! The beginning..

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