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happy new year??

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I'm officially blogging 2008 photos! so happy new year! (and I'm in the thick of bloom sessions and have about 2000 pics to glance at tonight, so I'll make this brief - the pics will have to do the talking)

in celebration of the "new year", here's some new life - you may remember this belly. little miss avery was all cozy inside. and look what a perfect package that was delivered! congrats you two - she's beautiful! now, for another beautiful addition. here's little miss page in her package - and out she came! more pink - times two! the ingraham sisters are adorable. the new addition...

and her spunky big sis!

I met cathryn and her family for the first time last week. you know I loved this blanket - and a shot over dad's shoulder now for the boys! bryson is a little older than these infants, but he's certainly the baby of his bunch ready for his close-up chubbyfoot - times six =) and last but not least, mr jacob i heart this profile shot. this is one of those photos where I say, "i really took that?!" ha ha.. and more sweet feet

thanks for looking and I promise more to come.. happy spring break!

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