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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I brought my laptop and have a few pics to share from the last week.

we only had 2 trees in the front yard to begin with.. and here’s a big chunk of one laying inches from my kitchen window the day after the storm!


“K” helps in the clean up effort.


some are more helpful than others =)


our nightly dinner reservations.. a little vino, candle light, cool breeze.

well now that daddy’s gone we’ve been going out to eat every night with friends… which is much worse for my waist line!


the new view of the greenbelt at the end of our culdesac. Actually, the tree is still down, but the greenbelt crews came in like lightening a few days ago and cleaned up all the greenbelts to perfection. I only wish they could give lessons to CenterPoint!?


and the big kahuna down on our garage.


and what’s left of it now!


In general, we have much to be thankful for. We got to know our new neighbors very well this last week, enjoyed the cool weather and “camping out”, read a few books, played game with the kids, just to name a few… not that the kids were completely devoid of technology this week. One day I looked up from my book and saw this.


hope all my power-less readers can also find the silver lining in your Ike-consumed week. hopefully we’ll all have back to normal soon!

thanks for checking…

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