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hey y'all :)

Guess who's back in the Lone Star State and FINALLY blogging again!? I'm not sure who could possibly still be reading this after a 3.5 month hiatus, but the boxes are all unpacked, the dust has settled, and there will actually be picture taking going on again around here! Let me catch you up to speed via instagram :) Last I blogged (June 19), we still had a couple of weeks left in Brussels. While it was hard to believe our European adventure was coming to a close, we were also ready to get back home to our friends and family in the States. And to the conveniences.. like grocery baggers and checkout people speaking your language. ;) I still smile at the friendliness of everyone around us.. from the gas station clerk to the insurance provider to the lawn guy. Seriously.. there's no place like the South and boy were we in need of some southern hospitality and comforts. Yes it's hot and I miss cobblestones and windowboxes filled with flowers next to colorful doors and friends galore and the fact I could be in Italy in 1.5 hours by plane BUT we are glad to be home and are ready for what the rest of this year and the years beyond have in store. Back to the story.. in early July we said goodbye to our little corner of Brussels, the unforgettable Coin du Balai.

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