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home again.. for a while!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

we're back! Disney was fabulous. Everything I'd hoped for and more. Almost more endearing than 6 days in a magical place was the wonderfullness of being together as a family. just the 4 of us having an adventure. No wi-fi, no mommy-friends to distract me.. it was all about us and that rocked. of COURSE I have photos, and I'll post more later, but here's a couple of favorites - I admit it.. I bought my first point and shoot camera/ video cam for the trip. weighs 5 oz I think and takes pretty bad pictures over all =) but I was bound and determined to be mommy first and photographer 2nd this trip.. after seeing all the pics I was having 2nd thoughts about doing that again!? It was nice to not lug the big kahuna around every day but this first pic is with the kiddie cam - (just so you don't think I've lost my touch!)

ahh.. the good camera again! Daddy and Canon riding Dumbo. Klein raising his hands during a show to say "I believe in dreams".. so sweet! in front of minnie's house =) the whole gang at mgm.

I am a SUCKER for mosaics / middle eastern architechture. could have stayed at Morocco in Epcot all day had the kids allowed (and we had the right outfits and about 500 less people!). I was planning a middle eastern vacation during this shot.. ok, maybe not iraq per se, but the mediterranean side maybe??

Sigh.. so vacations are over for a while. back to work and I'm excited about that actually. I did have a few shoots before, DURING and after Disney that I'd like to share.. Here's sweet Caden. his parents have waited a while to see these! and my title banner belongs to miss lauren. a little orlando cutie I had the pleasure of photographing one morning in orlando. We were at the gaylord ctr for your floridians that were wondering! and finally here's miss dylan. now sitting up and looking oh so prissy.

glad to be back! thanks for looking -

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