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home sweet home

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Our home sweet home is going on the market in 4 days!? We're not moving out of the area, so don't be alarmed! Just looking for that perfect cul-de-sac, greenbelt lot wih a 3 garage and pool! Not too much to ask, right!? My client and friend, Alison Brookby will be the realtor, but if you know anyone that would love to buy our home before then (yes, in the next 4 days, ha ha!) then give me a ring! Of course, I offered my services for the brochure pics: the master bedroom... I remember when we first bought this house we were giddy b/c the master had a bath attached opposed to our heights bugalow where the only bath was in the hall! simple pleasures... ahh.. the kitchen. I need to dig up the pics of the strawberry wallpaper and 6" white tile that used to be on the floors.. we did it all. Granite, glass cabinets, all new appliances, painted cabinets.. why am I moving again!? the playroom - i've loved having it downstairs with small kids. I handpainted these letters a few years ago. Everyone asks if it's wallpaper =) ooh,, and next time you see that sofa and chair it will have been fabulously recovered! now to the upstairs a room for a princess: and a sports lovin' boy

and we can't forget about the grandparents! and the room I might just miss the most - my newly organized office/upstairs media room and my favorite part. A new flat screen mounted in the corner for the MANY evenings I'm on the computer way past my bedtime! My friend JJ Canon did a great job of mounting and installing it. This was kind of small potatoes for him.. but he does it all. He'll just have to come back and do it again in the new casa! Check him out! Digital Delight: so, that's the tour! I'll keep you posted - have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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